PP POY yarn
  • The company regularly produces polypropylene FDY silk / polypropylene filament / polypropylene poy silk, polypropylene poy silk is mainly used for processing high-strength polypropylene wire and polypropylene wire, used in luggage, fire hose, car canvas, craft gift bags, engineering construction / Shoelaces, etc., with bright color, high strength, light weight and other advantages.

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    Polypropylene poy wire;

    PP poy wire: Specification: 300D-1800D polypropylene yarn, polypropylene filament poy,

    PP poy yarn: companies often of producing polypropylene FDY fiber / polypropylene filament / polypropylene poy yarn, polypropylene yarn poy yarn is mainly used for processing high-strength polypropylene and polypropylene FDY, used luggage belt, fire hose, automotive canvas, craft Gift bags, engineering and construction / shoelaces, etc., with brightly-colored, high strength, light weight and so on.

    The company's long-term production and operation: PP  yarn, PP FDY yarn,PP POY yarn,PP long yarn, PP staple fiber, PE staple fiber,PP draft wire,PP fiber.

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